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People's views on being a sugar baby

Many girls or women benefit greatly from becoming a sugar baby. For example, many female students have said goodbye to school debt by becoming a sugar baby. On the other hand, what do other people think of being a sugar baby? People have different views on it.

“Many girls would enjoy a higher standard of living than they may have, and some girls out here will stoop that low for money sometimes. I will teach my little girl to have self- respect and morals when she gets older.”

“I don't respect a girl who sales her body for sex. I know the girl is called sugar baby. Can you tell me what the difference is between a sugar baby and a prostitute? Both mean being paid for sex.” And your sugar daddy is paying you while he's probably cheating on his wife. You steal other people's husbands, it's immoral."

“Your family will probably not approve of the sugar daddy relationship. Especially an intelligent college student who is able to get a good career after graduating, why to be a sugar baby? It's shameful.”

“The market is always produced by the demands. The whole reason sugar baby exists is because rich men want to pay for it. If you're disgusted with sugar babies, please be also disgusted with the men who keep these sugar babies in business.”

“Why are some people so critical of sugar baby? Stop criticizing. What consenting adults do in private is their own business. Both the old man and the young woman have needs. Some old guy with a bunch of money wants to trade some of  that to have a lovely companion. Some woman wants to exchange her looks and body for the ability to get what she wants. They are fulfilling each other's needs. It's none of your business.”

“Everyone's situation is different, don’t judge others without knowing them. People joke about the sugar daddy sites and its users while they are ignoring the experiences of people who want to pursue this sugar lifestyle. Sugar babies don't want to sell their body. They are lead to doing so as a last resort because they do need the money.”

“Stop being so censorious. You know nothing about sugar daddy and sugar baby. If you don't like it, that's fine, no one is making you but you certainly are no expert. Far from it.”

“Stop taking the moral high ground. The condescending attitude for being sugar baby has more to do with jealousy than anything else. Other women are jealous that the sugar babies enjoy wealthy life without having to work, especially younger women who are not going for it are jealous, because their same age boyfriend can't afford what they want.”

I think at that age you already know what you’re doing and aware of your choices good or bad. You know what kind of life you want. Whatever you choose, don't regret it. Read more: People's views on sugar daddy.

Advice for single mom wanting to get into sugar baby lifestyle

As a single mom you have not enough money and have no support. You feel sad and tired, so you look for ways to improve the standard of living for your kinds and you quickly and easily. You think about becoming a sugar baby. In fact, single mom is one of the types of women most likely to be a sugar baby. Nowadays many single moms are turning to the sugar baby lifestyle, it is not only because they need financial help for themselves and their kids but also because they are lonely.  The following is advice for single mom wanting to get into sugar baby lifestyle.

1 Don't let your kids know.

When you think about becoming a sugar baby, you may feel ashamed and don’t want anyone in real life to know, especially your kids. It’s right to keep a secret from your kids, it is a manifestation of protecting them, so don't introduce a sugar daddy to your kids and don’t let them know.

2 Consider how much time you devote to the relationship.

You are a single mom and you should take care of your kids. What if your sugar daddy wants you to travel with him? What if he increases the time that you see each other? So you have to consider how much time you devote to the relationship. You can bring up that you have kids after several dates, don't bring it up at first date.

3 You don't owe any explanations to anyone.

Let’s look at the reality of it all. If other people know you decide to become a sugar baby, perhaps some of them will have moral judgement about it while they are blind to the difficulties of your life. As a single mom you need time and money to raise kids, finding a sugar daddy can meet your needs. This is your life, you don't owe any explanations to anyone. Your body, your choice. Don’t fear the judgments of others, you know in your heart who you are and what’s ture to you.

4 Just think of it as a job, don't fall in love with your sugar daddy.

Maybe both you and your sugar daddy genuinely enjoy each other's company over time and start hanging out regularly, but don’t fall in love with him, you’d better control your feelings for him. A sugar daddy relationship is built on financial needs, they are are not looking for love. Real love won't happen or it has very small chance. Over half of them are married and they are rarely naive, they'll date you, have sex with you, lavish money on you, but they will never commit to you.

As a single mom being a sugar baby is the easy way to get money. If you still don't feel comfortable with it, you can think about other ways to overcome your difficulties. You are young, you can work hard to make more money. More importantly, you don't regret for the decisions you have made. Read more: A single mom shares her experiences as a sugar baby.

Why do so many sugar daddies want to get a sugar baby

Nowadays sugar daddy looking for sugar baby is becoming common because of the proliferation of the Internet. why do these wealthy men want to get a sugar baby? There are a variety of reasons.

Many wealthy men have desire for additional sexual encounters, because they feel they need more sex in their life to reward  themselves for performing well at their jobs. Since many women are attracted to money and social status, these wealthy men can get young and beautiful women easily. On the other side, a chance to be with a wealthy man can change one's life, so some girls would seize the opportunity in hooking up with a rich man for a different life.

From 40 to 60 is middle age for a man. Men go through after age 40, they are in a physiologically slipping down from the peak. With the coming of old age, they fear aging. On the one hand, they have particularly concern about their health from the beginning of this period. On the other hand, They want to find a lover or have an affair with the women who are much younger than them. They can feel younger than they are after having sex with younger women. That's why sugar daddies offer young and beautiful women money in exchange for sex.

For the changes in their physical and mental, middle-aged sugar daddy will be confused, it is similar to the "adolescent" confusion. At this time, he may face life panic, hoping to get other’s understanding, especially the understanding of his intimate partner. But the problem is that after years of living together, many women accustomed to her husband's past, often without realizing that he is now a subtle change in mentality. Thus, in the male view, "since they need no help from the family, then go outside to seek comfort."

Sugar baby brings pleasure to sugar daddy, but most sugar daddies that have sugar baby are not going to leave their wives, especially if they have kids. They're lacking something within their marriage and the sugar baby makes up for that missing part. Sugar baby is their mistress, they are looking for mistress to recover their lost youth. They make life sweet for sugar baby and enjoy the feeling of being wanted. Both sides get what they want, that’s all. Read more: tips for dating married sugar daddies

The 4 most important things in a sugar daddy relationship

I'm gonna get straight to the point, what are the most important things in a sugar daddy relationship?

1 Establish a specific, mutually beneficial agreement.
Both sugar daddy and sugar baby have demands and criteria for keeping the relationship going, it can be achieved by establishing a specific, mutually beneficial agreement. As long as both sides agree on the terms and conditions and each gets what they want from the exchange, the relationship can go well. The sugar daddy agreement mainly includes what both sides want, what both offer, what are the boundaries and how it works. Both sides should be open and honest when negotiating and establishing a sugar daddy agreement. Just feel free to ask as many questions as necessary, the following things should be considered: How does sugar daddy pay ? When does sugar baby receive the allowance and how much is it? If a sugar baby has something to refuse, then she should be upfront about it. Remember that the written agreement is better than the verbal. If both feel ok, it can be achieved by means of e-mail.

2 Keep emotions in check
A sugar daddy relationship can get complicated when love is involved. The most sugar daddies have wife or girlfriend, they are just looking for fun when it comes to sugar dating, this is primarily about satisfying immediate and mutual needs. If you fall in love with him, you can ask him how he feels about you and your relationship, but don’t want more out of this relationship. He is not going to leaving his wife or girl friend, because he has seen more of the world than you have. Keep your emotions in check, don’t be the one who falls in love first, or you will become the loser. Always get the money first.

3 Always be on your guard.
To a certain extent, sugar dating is like regular dating, you should take some precautions to protect yourself, especially on a first date. You shouldn't immediately go into a hotel room with a sugar daddy you just met, that's common sense. Never go on a first date without telling someone else, if you are comfortable with it, you can bring one of your best friend along with you. Although it's a little annoying, it can keep you safe.

4 Take birth control to avoid pregnancy.
The sugar daddy age range is from 40 to 60, they are all fertile men. Few sugar daddies would be OK with a non-sexual arrangement. The most of them want sex and don't like to wear a condom during sex, they think condoms reduce pleasure, they can fully enjoy themselves during sex without a condom. Please remember that unprotected sex will give you result in pregnancy. You’re young, you can still find a normal boyfriend after ending a sugar daddy relationship. There are a variety of condoms, textured, flavoured and coloured, you can try to persuade your sugar daddy to use it. And there are many safe and effective birth control methods, you can find the method that is best for you.

How to find a sugar daddy on dating website or in real life

Some girls choose to be sugar baby due to financial problem . Sugar daddies can not only help them out of financial problem easily, but also provide steady financial support. Though many women think having a sugar daddy is immoral, we should admit that some of them are jealous about making easy money without hard work.

Here is a story. A girl has financial pressure. A man asked her if she would have sex with him for $50000. She said she would. He then asked her if she would have sex with him for $50. Her response was,“what kind of a girl do you think I am?”Let’s face it, money is a powerful aphrodisiac.

We live in a democratic society where everyone chooses his/her own way. You can find a sugar daddy to finance your college education, to take care of you and spoil you, as long as you feel comfortable with it. If you have been trying to find a sugar daddy for weeks but have no clue where to find so this article is helpful.

1 Find a sugar daddy via job.
There's a chance of meeting rich men at work. Some jobs are great for meeting rich men. Firstly,I would suggest high end sales person. These products would be high end consumer products,such as high end cars, private planes, high end jewelry, High end real estate and high end watches. If you can sell a $2 million car, I'm sure you can sell yourself. Working in super high end made-to-measure men's clothing can put you in touch with rich men. You would be straightening clothing, and measuring their inseam. Working as a car show model is also a good choice for snagging a rich man. Besides these, working as a receptionist for a business will increase your chances of meeting CEO. These CEOs are very willing to spend money on a lover. If you attract his attention and arouse his interest, he will leave you a card with his personal phone number and tell you to contact him. Or he invites you directly to dinner. I'm totally serious here, what bait you put out determines what fish you catch. Don't be coy about selling yourself.

2 Sugar daddy website is the most popular way to find a sugar daddy.
Sugar daddy website helps wealthy individuals to hook up with young, beautiful women. Nowadays more and more female students turn to sugar daddy website to find a “generous sponsors” to pay for college. Sugar baby profile is super important. Try your best to upload more sexy photos with a sweet smile, then more sugar daddies will view your profile and you have more chances to be contacted. If you are comfortable with it, you can describe more about yourself. Make sure your description is honest.

3 Go to a city or a place where wealthy individuals tend to frequent.
You can visit places of your city where rich men like to go , such as high-end pubs, fancy restaurants, golf clubs, luxury sports clubs, auction houses and charity events. Sometimes you have to spend money on yourself first in order to hook up with a rich man in real life. Here is a list of the top 10 cities to find rich men. Living in one of these cities you have high chance to lure a man willing to spend a lot of dough on a lover. On sugar daddy websites you can search sugar daddies living in these cities.
Top 1 san jose, ca  Top 2 san francisco, ca  Top 3 washington, dc
Top 4 boston, ma   Top 5 new york, ny      Top6 seattle, wa
Top 7 hartford, ct  Top 8 philadelphia, pa  Top 9 san diego, ca
Top 10 denver, co

4 Ask ex-sugar babies to introduce you to a sugar daddy.
Ask ex-sugar babies to introduce you to a sugar daddy is probably the quickest and safest way to achieving your goals, they can definitely provide opportunities for you to meet a sugar daddy and they will coach you on how to get a sugar daddy. You lose absolutely nothing by trying to ask, the worst that can happen is that they say "no". Don’t ask if you feel that it takes your private life a little too public. On the other side, if you don't know an ex-sugar baby at your side, you can search sugar daddy websites or SD/SB community on the internet, there you will find ex-sugar babies. 

How much allowance do sugar babies get

How do you respond to it when a sugar daddy offers to give you an allowance but asks you how much you want. You can allow him to decide how much he thinks you should get, or you list your monthly expenses and give him a clear answer.

Generally speaking, how much allowance do you get depends directly on how much your sugar daddy earns, how generous he is, and also how much he likes you. (When you search a potential sugar daddy, you should remember that how generous he is would be more important than how much money he has.) The amount of money can also vary according to how many times per week or per month he fucks you. Some sugar daddies give money after every visit.

As a new sugar baby it's nessesary to learn how to ask your sugar daddy for an allowance. If you ask for too much he will think you are greedy, and if you ask for too little then it defeats your purpose of having an allowance. You can suggest an allowance in a range to him. But if your sugar daddy is very wealthy and generous, there is no reason to except anything below $3000 for a monthly allowance.

It’s important to learn how to be a good sugar baby. If you please your sugar daddy by offering him what he wants, he is very willing to pay more money than you expect to get, he knows you’re worth it. Do something to keep him wanting to be generous. Believe me, a rich man in his forties or older is experienced enough to understand your value as a sugar baby.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. You seek sugar daddy for tuition, rent etc., he agrees to spend his money on you in exchange for company, so you deserve to get what you want.

What is a sugar daddy, what is a sugar baby, and what is sugar daddy relationship

Sugar Daddy phenomenon has existed for ages, it seems that sugar daddy relationship is becoming common because of the internet.

What is a sugar daddy? A sugar daddy is an older, wealthy, powerful man looking for a young, attractive girlfriend. He gives his girlfriend financially support and other forms of support. Many sugar daddies have wives, they just seek out what's lacking in the husband and wife relationships.

What is a sugar baby? A sugar baby is a young girl looking for a man to earn the gifts and extra spending money. Sugar daddy can finance her education, shopping sprees, and ensure her economic stability. Some sugar babies even use sugar daddy's influence and industry contacts to help themselves get ahead. Nowadays there are many university students seeking sugar daddy relationships to pay for tuition and rent,we call them college sugar babies.

The sugar daddy relationship is considered mutually beneficial. They Both enjoy the relationship. They both get what they want. Sugar daddy loves the moments of intimacy with his sugar baby. “She makes me feel young, I can clearly feel the spark between us,so I am very willing to pay higher sugar baby allowance.” “It benefits me in many ways. He takes care of my student loans, he buys me presents and stuff. We travel together, we go out to nice dinners, we have so much fun. Now I’m able to enjoy the city more.”

Not all sugar daddies are going to be the same. Some sugar daddies don’t want their sugar babies posting photos of them to social media sites like facebook, and they would like to go to private place for dinner. Some sugar daddies would like to go out in public with their sugar babies. It usually depends on the preferences of the sugar daddies. It’s important to make sure both sugar daddy and sugar baby know what the boundaries and expectations are.

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