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The types of women most likely to be a sugar baby

Ambitious college student, aspiring actress or model, or single mom, these are the types of women most likely to be a sugar baby. Many people think women choosing to be a sugar baby means trading sex for money, actually it’s more than that.

Ambitious college student and aspiring actress or model choose to be sugar baby not only for money but also for career development. They know clearly what they want to do and where they want to work, so they use sugar daddy's position and influence as stepping stones to their own career. And sugar daddy can help them improve in their areas by sharing his wisdom and experiences. That is to say, finding a sugar daddy means opportunities for development and achievement.

It is really not easy for a single mom to raise a child, especially for a young and solo single mom. She will face all kinds of things like paying for rent and childcare every month. Sugar daddy has the $ to spend and he wants some spice in his life. Having a sugar daddy to pay all the expenses will surely make a huge difference. There is another reason that single mom chooses to be a sugar baby. A slew of personal crisis like emotional hurt led to a single mom's fragile state of mind, she needs temporary emotional support. The sugar daddy experience can teach and strengthen her, because sugar daddy is more experienced about life and she will learn a lot from a sugar daddy.

Life is tough, some women try to go on by themselves, some women choose to go on by other people who can help them out. Different people want different things, any adult have the right to do with their bodies what they choose. What I am trying to say is, there are always more applicants than job offers. You should think about what you have to offer beyond looks, if you also want to be a sugar baby.

What does a sugar daddy expect when dating a sugar baby

As we all know, sugar daddy looking for sugar baby, both sides satisfy needs and desires of each other. We need also to understand that relationships happen because of certain needs&physical, emotional and psychological needs. Now let’s be realistic here, what does a sugar daddy really expect when dating a sugar baby.

Sugar daddy seeks sugar baby, because he expects a second youth(second spring in life), he wants to live his life at full throttle. For sugar daddy, the first youth is given by god, the second youth is of himself. He can completely initiate his second youth by looking for young and beautiful sugar baby, in this way he becomes fresh and happy again. In other words, finding passion and staying motivated, he draws energy from the young body when he needs some extra motivation.

Don’t text or call him. Perhaps he is busy with work at the Business Centre or at a meeting, perhaps he is staying at home with his wife or he is playing with his children. If you text or call him often, it will disrupt his work and family life. Sugar daddy expects his sugar baby is obedient to him. If he doesn't want people to know your relationship, do not force him to go with you around the busy street. Don’t tell your friends, especially if your friends have big mouths. (You can tell your friends where you go when you go out with your sugar daddy.) You should not only offer him what he wants, but also know his boundaries, If you want to please your sugar daddy.

Sugar daddy has seen the world and experienced more than other people. So he likes straightforward women, he is usually greatly drew by sugar baby's frank, straightforward manner. The sugar daddy has enough money, if you have any needs and expectations, you should be honest about it, he will meet your needs and expectations easily.

Each sugar daddy expects different things from a sugar baby. Don’t be afraid to delve into your Sugar daddy.

How to get more sugar daddies to visit your sugar baby profile

More and more girls are entering into sugar lifestyle. The average ratio of sugar baby to sugar daddy is 8 to 1. If you want to find a sugar daddy and win in the competition, you should learn how to get more sugar daddies to visit your sugar baby profile. Here, I share the way that your profile ranks well when potential sugar daddies search for sugar baby.

1 Change your main photo regularly.
People have options to search by image, keyword, area, height etc. Your photos is your potential sugar daddies' first impression of you, it will determine whether they click to read your profile. And sugar daddies usually choose to search by photo, when they search for sugar baby. So you should upload some photos and change your main photo regularly, in this way your profile can rank well. To increase your attraction I suggest you upload some flattering, sexy photos of yours.

2  Comment on other’s profile.
In order to get noticed, you should be active on dating sites. The best way is commenting on other’s profile. If you have nothing to say about other’s profile, you can ask questions, “what kind of girl do you like?” “What are you looking for?” “What do you expect when dating a sugar baby?” Other people will visit your profile when they see your comments.  In this way it can also break the ice.

3 Added keywords to your profile.
Sugar daddies like to search for a profile containing certain keywords, such as sex, sexually. Believe me, you will get more sugar daddies to visit your profile, if you add these words in your profile.

There are also other ways to get more sugar daddies to visit your profile, For example, after you visit other's profile, other people will visit your profile too. There are also some people liking to search by who recently logged in, so you remember log out when you don’t use dating site. To sum it up, to maximize the chances of your sugar baby profile being checked out by potential sugar daddies, you should know about the search mechanism of dating sites.

In addition to above ways, reading the best headlines and examples of a sugar baby profile is helpful for you to attract a sugar daddy online. A good sugar baby profile is a good starting point when looking for a sugar daddy. Don’t hide your profile, don’t hesitate to market yourself to the sugar daddy. Remember that you sugar baby profile should stand out if you want to get a sugar daddy easily.

People's views on being a sugar baby

Many girls or women benefit greatly from becoming a sugar baby. For example, many female students have said goodbye to school debt by becoming a sugar baby. On the other hand, what do other people think of being a sugar baby? People have different views on it.

“Many girls would enjoy a higher standard of living than they may have, and some girls out here will stoop that low for money sometimes. I will teach my little girl to have self- respect and morals when she gets older.”

“I don't respect a girl who sales her body for sex. I know the girl is called sugar baby. Can you tell me what the difference is between a sugar baby and a prostitute? Both mean being paid for sex.” And your sugar daddy is paying you while he's probably cheating on his wife. You steal other people's husbands, it's immoral."

“Your family will probably not approve of the sugar daddy relationship. Especially an intelligent college student who is able to get a good career after graduating, why to be a sugar baby? It's shameful.”

“The market is always produced by the demands. The whole reason sugar baby exists is because rich men want to pay for it. If you're disgusted with sugar babies, please be also disgusted with the men who keep these sugar babies in business.”

“Why are some people so critical of sugar baby? Stop criticizing. What consenting adults do in private is their own business. Both the old man and the young woman have needs. Some old guy with a bunch of money wants to trade some of  that to have a lovely companion. Some woman wants to exchange her looks and body for the ability to get what she wants. They are fulfilling each other's needs. It's none of your business.”

“Everyone's situation is different, don’t judge others without knowing them. People joke about the sugar daddy sites and its users while they are ignoring the experiences of people who want to pursue this sugar lifestyle. Sugar babies don't want to sell their body. They are lead to doing so as a last resort because they do need the money.”

“Stop being so censorious. You know nothing about sugar daddy and sugar baby. If you don't like it, that's fine, no one is making you but you certainly are no expert. Far from it.”

“Stop taking the moral high ground. The condescending attitude for being sugar baby has more to do with jealousy than anything else. Other women are jealous that the sugar babies enjoy wealthy life without having to work, especially younger women who are not going for it are jealous, because their same age boyfriend can't afford what they want.”

I think at that age you already know what you’re doing and aware of your choices good or bad. You know what kind of life you want. Whatever you choose, don't regret it. Read more: What do other people think of sugar daddy?

Advice for single mom wanting to get into sugar baby lifestyle

As a single mom you have not enough money and have no support. You feel sad and tired, so you look for ways to improve the standard of living for your kinds and you quickly and easily. You think about becoming a sugar baby. In fact, single mom is one of the types of women most likely to be a sugar baby. Nowadays many single moms are turning to the sugar baby lifestyle, it is not only because they need financial help for themselves and their kids but also because they are lonely.  The following is advice for single mom wanting to get into sugar baby lifestyle.

1 Don't let your kids know.

When you think about becoming a sugar baby, you may feel ashamed and don’t want anyone in real life to know, especially your kids. It’s right to keep a secret from your kids, it is a manifestation of protecting them, so don't introduce a sugar daddy to your kids and don’t let them know.

2 Consider how much time you devote to the relationship.

You are a single mom and you should take care of your kids. What if your sugar daddy wants you to travel with him? What if he increases the time that you see each other? So you have to consider how much time you devote to the relationship. You can bring up that you have kids after several dates, don't bring it up at first date.

3 You don't owe any explanations to anyone.

Let’s look at the reality of it all. If other people know you decide to become a sugar baby, perhaps some of them will have moral judgement about it while they are blind to the difficulties of your life. As a single mom you need time and money to raise kids, finding a sugar daddy can meet your needs. This is your life, you don't owe any explanations to anyone. Your body, your choice. Don’t fear the judgments of others, you know in your heart who you are and what’s ture to you.

4 Just think of it as a job, don't fall in love with your sugar daddy.

Maybe both you and your sugar daddy genuinely enjoy each other's company over time and start hanging out regularly, but don’t fall in love with him, you’d better control your feelings for him. A sugar daddy relationship is built on financial needs, they are are not looking for love. Real love won't happen or it has very small chance. Over half of them are married and they are rarely naive, they'll date you, have sex with you, lavish money on you, but they will never commit to you.

As a single mom being a sugar baby is the easy way to get money. If you still don't feel comfortable with it, you can think about other ways to overcome your difficulties. You are young, you can work hard to make more money. More importantly, you don't regret for the decisions you have made. Read more: A single mom shares her experiences as a sugar baby.

Why do so many sugar daddies want to get a sugar baby

Nowadays sugar daddy looking for sugar baby is becoming common because of the proliferation of the Internet. why do these wealthy men want to get a sugar baby? There are a variety of reasons.

Many wealthy men have desire for additional sexual encounters, because they feel they need more sex in their life to reward  themselves for performing well at their jobs. Since many women are attracted to money and social status, these wealthy men can get young and beautiful women easily. On the other side, a chance to be with a wealthy man can change one's life, so some girls would seize the opportunity in hooking up with a rich man for a different life.

From 40 to 60 is middle age for a man. Men go through after age 40, they are in a physiologically slipping down from the peak. With the coming of old age, they fear aging. On the one hand, they have particularly concern about their health from the beginning of this period. On the other hand, They want to find a lover or have an affair with the women who are much younger than them. They can feel younger than they are after having sex with younger women. That's why sugar daddies offer young and beautiful women money in exchange for sex.

For the changes in their physical and mental, middle-aged sugar daddy will be confused, it is similar to the "adolescent" confusion. At this time, he may face life panic, hoping to get other’s understanding, especially the understanding of his intimate partner. But the problem is that after years of living together, many women accustomed to her husband's past, often without realizing that he is now a subtle change in mentality. Thus, in the male view, "since they need no help from the family, then go outside to seek comfort."

Sugar baby brings pleasure to sugar daddy, but most sugar daddies that have sugar baby are not going to leave their wives, especially if they have kids. They're lacking something within their marriage and the sugar baby makes up for that missing part. Sugar baby is their mistress, they are looking for mistress to recover their lost youth. They make life sweet for sugar baby and enjoy the feeling of being wanted. Both sides get what they want, that’s all. Read more: tips for dating married sugar daddies